It’s so annoying - no
matter how hard you try, it’s inevitable that the majority of people that visit
your website will leave without taking the action you’re encouraging them to
take. It’s even more frustrating when you consider the cost of getting people
to your site in the first place. Whether it’s signing up to a newsletter,
submitting a contact form, or purchasing your products, we know it’s a step
that only a small % of people will take.

Once your visitors
have left your site, you may hope that they will return, but believe me – hope is
not a strategy.

When people leave
your site, it could be for a number of reasons; the phone rings, the boss walks
in, the traffic lights turn green – the list is endless. What if there was a
way for us to go back to those people, and remind them that they visited your website,
but they didn’t do what they came to do?

Facebook Retargeting
is a technique where you can show an ad to Facebook and Instagram users that
have previously visited your site, or even a specific page, or set of pages.
For e.g. if you have an ecommerce website and someone enters your check out, they
are likely to be on the URL ‘
but if they never reach the thank you page URL, let’s
say, ‘
’, we
know that they have started the buying process, but not completed it. This data
is all detected and provided by the Facebook Pixel, but that probably requires its
own article so let’s slide past that for now…


Here is an example of
a successful retargeting ad based on the example above, and this is shown to
people in exactly the same scenario.


Because these
visitors have already been on your site, they’re much more susceptible to
marketing because let’s not forget, if someone visits your website, they’re
there for a reason.


In short, don’t just
let your potential customers walk away without calling them back later – this campaign
can be one of the cheapest and highest converting campaigns to have in your armoury.
Don’t hope.


If you want to find
out more about retargeting, give us a call on 01174508300.


Mark Picton

Mark is Google-certified and a highly experienced digital marketeer who's delivered online marketing across the UK & Europe.