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We are a core team of experienced marketing professionals.
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Elnaz Soltan

Integrated Designer

Elnaz applies her creative flair to various online and offline design-focused projects.

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Rob Frische

SEO Specialist

Rob has a strong background in reporting, analytics, SEO, PPC, PR, copywriting and social media.

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Daniel Hewlett


Daniel is a multi-award winning, strategically-driven creative director with over sixteen years integrated agency experience in both Europe & AsiaPac.

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Mark Picton


As one of the founders of SONDR®, Mark specialises in managing the online marketing and web services for our clients throughout the UK and Europe.

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Amy Daynes

Content Manager

Amy has years of experience merchandising online, and creating valuable content for on and offline customer experiences.

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Ailis Campbell

Account Manager

Ailis works directly with clients to guarantee they reach their full potential and are delighted with the service they receive from SONDR®.

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